#1 Tallin Tour 

Take off for a sightseeing flight around Tallinn with an exceptional panoramic view of the capital's monuments and its surroundings. 


per person

10 mins

#2 Tallin Tour 

 We are pleased to offer chopper experience flights on the Robinson R44 (USA) helicopter. Besides the pilot, the helicopter seats 3 passengers. A helicopter flight is considerably different and more exciting than flying a plane. From the helicopter, you can have an entirely new and interesting view on your home, town and surrounding landscapes.



For 3 passe
10 mins

#3 Tallin Tour

Order the chopper for your company event and give an unforgettable and unique experience to your employees and partners. Helicopter rental with a professional pilot. During one hour it is possible to offer helicopter experience for up to 27 people. 



1 hour