#1 Niagara Helicopters

Your limousine to the sky awaits you, your family and friends to enjoy the majestic power and beauty of the Niagara and Horseshoe Falls from the air.


per person

10 mins

#2 Rainbow Air Helicopter Inc

Niagara Helicopters, makes everything as in a dream. Now, join Niagara Helicopters with your kids and sweetheart for a thrilling helicopter tour. The turbulent rapids, greenery, historic places, vineyard, the helicopter sightseeing tours offered by Niagara Helicopters are unparalleled with spectacular sights.    


per person
15 mins

#3 National Helicopter Tours 

If you can afford the time, you will certainly enjoy one of our extended tours. After viewing the falls and all of the adjacent sights, we travel north following the Lower Niagara River over the World Class 5 Rapids. You will see the water continue downstream to the natural Whirlpool and Spanish Aero Car crossing over head. 



per person
20 mins