#1 The Liberty Helicopter Tour

If you want a quick tour of NYC, this fifteen minute tour ensures you see sites such as the Statue of Liberty, Governor’s and Ellis Island, the spectacular views of the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges, the South Street Seaport and the Wall Street Financial Center. All of these sites are remarkable and give tourists the best view of some of New York’s finest attractions.


per person
12-15 mins


#2 The Central Park Tour

See Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty from a point of view that is unique and awe-inspiring. The next stop is the Empire State Building followed by a view of Central Park that is second to none. You will be flying along the Hudson River and viewing the Intrepid Air, Sea, and Space Museum during the tour of a lifetime. The fun does not stop there; next you will make a grand sweep of the Yankee Stadium and the George Washington Bridge.


per person
18-20 mins

#3 The Deluxe tour

The Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, Midtown, Central Park, Hudson River, New Jersey, Harlem, Yankee Stadium (on non game days), George Washington Bridge and the Northern tip of Manhattan completes your tour. Flying over the Verrazano Bridge gives you a distant view of Coney Island and manmade Hoffman Island & Swinburne Island. This is our most extravagant and exhilarating sightseeing and photo opportunity to create your everlasting memories of New York City!


per person
25-30 mins

#4 The Grand Helicopter Tour

For those that want to view even more of New York City, the Grand Helicopter Tour visits all of the places in the previous tours and more within twenty five minutes. Besides seeing the tour sites from the Liberty and Central Park Tours, you will view such sites as the Verrazano Bridge, uptown, midtown and the downtown skyline of Manhattan and New Jersey Palisades. This is indeed the most grand tour of New York City.


per person
25-30 mins