#1 Fun Ride 

Dubai is famous for her iconic buildings and magnificent skyline and there is no better way to see it all from the air. As you take off from The Palm Jumeirah or your 15 minute flight of a fly time you will 2 soar over the beautiful Arabian Gulf coastline, the incredible Palm Island and pass right by the Burj Al Arab and The World Islands. Heading inland you’ll fly over Union Sguare, Sheikh Zaged Road an the Mall of the Emirates and of course no helicopter tour in Dubai woul be complete wit out cruising past the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa (featured in Mission Impossible 4).


per person

15 mins

#2 City tour

Encompassing all of the breath taking sights of the Dubai Skyline Tour this extended 25 minutes helicopter flight is the best of the best. Explore beyond the incredible skyscrapers and uncover some of Dubai’s secrets. Four of the extra highlights on this tour are the picturesque Dubai Creek, Emirates Golf Course, the Camel Race Track and Dubai’s Nad AI Sheba Race Track.



per person
25 mins

#3 Long Ride  

After taking off at Mannheim city airport you fly to Ludwigshafen. Via Bad Dürkheim to Neustadt, Landau and castle Bad Bergzabern to Speyer and along the Rhine back to the airfield. 



 (max 6 persons)
45 mins


#4  Maxi Ride           

Exclusive Basis: Eurocopter EC 130 B4 with capacity of 6 passengers Maxi Helicopter Tour of Dubai: Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis Hotel.



(max 5 persons)

60 mins