#1 Cannes Tour 

When you hear about Cannes, do you think about The Film Festival, expensive and exclusive cars? Champagne and caviar on the beach? Hotel Carlton? You will of course find all of this but Cannes is so much more. Take your own fly over the city and enjoy it! 


per person

6 mins

#2 City Tour

Cannes might be synonymous with A-list glamour but scratch the surface and you’ll discover a city rich in culture as well as one of the loveliest marinas in France. 
A true Riviera town, life in Cannes revolves around the harbour which still boasts fishing boats as well as the super-yachts of the super-rich.


per person
12 mins

#3 Lovely Cannes 

The combination of relaxed life on the beaches and lively city with non-stop nightlife, ritzy bars, fine restaurants and shopping makes Cannes a very attractive place for a holiday. We will fly over the best and magnificent places!



per person
25 mins

#4  Escapade à Monaco / Escapade à St.Tropez         

Tour include fly over the Cannes, Monaco and St.Tropez


per person
45 mins

#5 Les gorges du Verdon       

The Verdon Canyon is a unique site in Europe crossed by the river Verdon, you may find on this site the best advice in order to visit the Verdon country in advance. Located in the midst of the region of Provence, Alps and the French Riviera, crossing over the departments of Var and the Alps of Upper-Provence and two hours away from Marseilles, the Verdon is a country with a thousand colours and perfumes, with its Verdon canyon a thousand years old, where the lake of Sainte Croix and the wild lake of Esparron are open to your visit.


per person
60 mins