#1 Barbados trip

Come and see how Barbados best unfolds its beautiful secrets by air. Air conditioned jet helicopters whisk you to the breathtaking splendor of the rugged eastern coast, revealing amazing wonders seen no other way. Along the way, scout locations to visit later. Take in the contrasts between the two coasts: on the east, the rugged, saw-toothed cliffs and the strange rock formations that look like animals. 



per person ($80 USD per child)

30 mile

#2 Helicopter Tour

Your tour, starting from and returning to Bridgetown, is exciting, every moment from take-off to landing again. You'll peer into another secret, the oddly formed, vertically-walled 'gullies' traversing the highlands... and soar to the east coast viewing a maze of almost jungle-like, mountainous ravines.


per person ($80 USD per child)
50 mile